EDP has extensive experience within the retail area including shopping centres, retail parks, multi storey and underground car parks.

Fire fighting installations, sprinklers, smoke ventilations, wet/dry riser systems.  Transportation services, travolators, escalators, lifts, etc.

Other Projects include:

Tesco Multi Storey Car Park & Retail Units, Navan
Provision of full services for a multi storey carpark including:

High efficiency lighting systems, emergency lighting systems, traffic indication, intelligent addressable notice boards.

Transportation facility  - Extensive vertical transportation systems were provided including numerous travelators complete with automatic energy conservation facilities that provided multi level access for incoming and outgoing shoppers and trolleys.

Extensive vertical facilities were provided in the form of large industrial type lifts and general passenger/disabled access facilities.
The fire fighting facilities included full wet and dry fire fighting system.

Dunnes Stores Retail Development, Multi-Storey Carpark, Navan
This retail development consists of a

Multi-storey car park,
General services
Emergency lighting
Fire detection
Alarm facilities and CCTV
Car park access and control systems
MV substation and distribution

Retail Units & Multi Storey Car Park, Apartments And Town Houses, Drogheda
Full Mechanical and Electrical services including

Low pressure hot water
General water distribution
Fire hose reels and fire fighting facilities
General ventilation and smoke ventilation
Centralised metering facilities
Commercial/retail electrical installations
Multi storey car park
General services
Fire detection systems
Full vertical transportation systems in the form of duplex lifts were provided

Shopping Centre & Retail Units, Roscommon
A complete Electrical & Mechanical installation was provided for this application.

This included sub station facilities, Centralised metering, Power distribution
Lighting, Emergency lighting, CCTV, Fire detection systemsMains water distribution, Centralised boiler plant, Low pressure hot water installation, Air handling distribution system, Extensive plumbing and, external fire fighting facilities were also provided.

Shopping Mall & Retail Centre, Carlow
This facility is currently being designed and developed. We are performing energy calculations and simulations utilising dynamic computerised facilities to assist in determining the response of the building to the outdoor ambient influences, whilst taking account of the varying occupancy during high peak and low peak usage.
The principle of the design is to achieve a high level of energy conservation utilising sustainable principles for both Mechanical and Electrical applications.
Further consideration will be given to the application of geothermal heat pumps and combined heat and power generating equipment.


Portlaise Multi-storey Shopping Centre, Office Block and Residential Facilities
  • Full Centralised Electrical distribution system consisting of medium low voltage and high tension distribution.
  • Full backup generator facilities for fire fighting, etc
  • Centralised energy saving condensed water facilities and distribution system throughout shopping centre
  • 3 fully designed and serviced anchor tenants retail units including Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Fire Fighting, General Lighting, Power Distribution and Smoke Ventilation Systems incorporating medium voltage sub stations
  • Landlords area fully Air Conditioned, Smoke Ventilated, CCCTV monitoring and recording
  • Electronic Voice Evacuation systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Integrated Smoke Ventilation Fire Fighting Strategies
  • Transportation system to include vertical/lifts, Loading bays etc, Horizontal travelators/escalators including fire lift facilities
  • Fully Air Conditioned office block complete with heat recovery systems and full electrical data power communication systems
  • 4 no residential multi-storey apartment blocks complete with Mechanical and Electrical services and Lifts
  • External infrastructure and site services including power, water, fire fighting, gas, telecoms, etc