PROJECTS - Pharmaceutical

Environmental Design Partnership has extensive experience in high quality and sensitive clean room manufacturing facilities.

In addition to design services, EDP has undertaken troubleshooting and testing/validation of air distribution systems, air handling units, chiller units, clean room facilities including class 100 HEPA filters and housings, laminar hood filter testing, Dispersed Oil Particulate (DOP) testing and airborne particulate analysis.

With a thorough understanding of the principles of validation and testing, EDP has contributed greatly to upgrading and troubleshooting of plant manufacturing facilities.

Warner Lambert / Park Davis
Provision of technical support for sterilised clean room and aseptic manufacturing facilities. The facilities consisted of:

class 10000/100 sterile manufacturing suites including extensive laminar hood ceiling areas and pressure differential control.  Full performance testing and auditing of air, water, conditioning plant, DOP testing, airborne particulate, airborne pattern testing and reporting were carried out.
Antigen, Roscrea
Provision of technical support and design services for large clean room manufacturing facilities.

Performance testing and auditing of air handling unit, ducting installations, terminal HEPA filter performance, DOP testing, airborne particulate testing and control of temperature and humidity and extensive pressure differential controls, performance testing and auditing of automatic control systems, (pneumatic and electronic) and class 100 capping/tableting facilities.
Rohan Poulenc Rorer, Nenagh, Tipperary
Provision of technical support and design facilities for tableting manufacturing plant including

class 10,000 air distribution systems, tight humidity controls, desiccant dryers, specific dust exhaust systems and full auditing and testing services.
Waterford Pharmaceuticals
Design and technical support services for large clean room manufacturing including

air distribution, direct expansion, chilling, terminal HEPA filters and exhaust systems, auditing and testing services.
National Medicare, Dublin
Providing technical and design support services for the reappraisal of clean room manufacturing facilities to assist in obtaining FDA approval. Work undertaken included

performance testing of complete air handling and air distribution /return air system plant, recalculating and rebalancing of air distribution system both supply and exhaust, rebalancing of pressure differential controls and a general audit/record testing for validation approval.
Rice Steel, Dublin, Tablet manufacturing
Providing design and technical support facilities for a clean room air distribution system consisting of heating, direct expansion chilling and desiccant drying to provide low ambient relative humidity. The plant was designed to provide general service corridor and pressure differential to manufacturing areas.