PROJECTS - Transport

Environmental Design Partnership has extensive experience in public transport passenger terminals and cargo related facilities and buildings.
These facilities have a high volume throughput of passengers requiring high speed communications for processing/information, extensive baggage handling including carousels, conveyors and horizontal transportation systems.
HEVAC is provided by a variable high capacity quick response heating ventilation system including energy recovery and air quality detection. Extensive external flood lighting was a major requirement and high bay high mast cluster units were used to achieve this. To provide management control and communications,  addressable electronic signage system and directional signs including extensive public address systems both internal and external of the facilities were provided.

Cargo handling facilities were also a major requirement and these services were provided for some of the major Ferry Terminal companies and included administration and marshalling facilities, process facilities and a high level of external infrastructure to facilitate the various cargo handling equipment.
It was necessary to recognise the corrosive atmosphere and the adverse effects of the environment on all equipment and services thus requiring high specification to provide a high life cycle requirement.


A fully serviced passenger terminal

  • Multi user Ferry Port terminal. Throughput – 800 persons per hour.
  • Highly serviced including main Air Handling Unit and Heating/Ventilation System
  • Canteen Facilities
  • Toilet and Wash Facilities
  • Horizontal and Vertical transportation systems including Lifts, Travelators, carasels and conveyors.
  • Multilevel passenger/gantry docking facilities and ships interconnections
  • Centralised boiler house including LPHW Boilers, Hot Water Storage Facilites and Main cast resin transformer and power distribution services.