PROJECTS - Commercial

EDP has extensive experience within the commercial area including corporate headquarters, office developments and logistics facilities. 

Other Projects include:

Marconi Corporate Headquarters,Dublin
Fully Air Conditioned intensely serviced multi-storey office block including

Fan coil units, water chillers, Air Handling Units, building management systems, intensely serviced horizontal structure cabling system, multimode Fibre Optic backbone system with diversion routes and copper communication cables, centralised computer room and fire suppression, electronic access and monitoring systems, CCTV, full monitoring and recording facilities

Horizon Technology, Park West, Dublin

Fully Air Conditioned Multi-storey office block with raised floor and buzzbar distribution systems including structured cabling system and backbone facilities

Speculative Office Block – Sir John Rodgersons Quay, Dublin

Full Air Conditioned with independent floor application, power and data communication structured cabling system and water services

Eastpoint Office Development 3 No. Buildings, Dublin

Fully Air Conditioned raised floor buzz bar/power distribution system, BMS, Fire alarm and emergency lighting systems

CD Rom Production Facility, Dublin

Dublin Bus Depot, Ringsend, Dublin

Carrolls Meats, Tullamore


A 16 metre high logistics storage area
300,000 sq ft including:
  • Full ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
  • Administration buildings incorporating daylight factor energy saving
  • Proximity switching
  • Comprehensive data communication system including fibre to desks
  • Full standby generator including peak lopping, peak shaving and winter demand application
  • Centralised sprinkler system providing life safety protection